Term & Conditions

This document describes the acceptable conditions of Cool1world.com. It also describe about the content we are providing on this website. If our users have any questions in their mind about any content found on Cool1world.com, please contact us.


Cool1world.com is accessable via standard web browser such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer 9 or Higher ect, by a human. Automatic Scripts and Bots are not allowed to access any content of this website. You are not allow to use an automated means of accessing or downloading this whole web site or part of it, if anyone found doing so is counted as an illegal activity.


You are not permitted to make direct hyperlink to images and other large files hosted by Cool1world.com. You allow to link pages of this website in any of your website or blog.


We do not guarantee that the website always remain online, it get offline for several reasons such as technical issues, due to maintenance, new features updates, for fixing if error occured, server migrations, hardware upgrades and failures.


Cool1world.com shall not be responsible for any kind of loss or damage.